You can get school information surcharge online. Tweets, Facebook, Pinterest and others will be shouting ‘Read Me! Look over Me! ‘. But take a look at face them, we simply have so much time for you to assimilate faculty information and in some cases less time aiming to decide points to read. That is where I come in. I understand who has the very best college related blog posts together with where to find these folks.

Apart from my very own (shameless plug), these are the opposite college sites I love. Get their mailing lists, follow their whole blogs and also soak up all of the relevant info they provide. Given that who wants to look over every single post from every single college experienced? And… having the time?

Planning for College-The Awful Blog

Paul holmes Hemphill, persistent college psychologist is famous for his particular ‘no bull’ advice for you to parents. They doesn’t mince words along with tells it like it is usually. He’s around the parents’ side, always as well as exposes some unknown truths about colleges and also the they take care of admissions.

The College Solutions Web site

Lynn O’Shaughnessy blogs concerning everything relevant to college ready and entrée. She is an authority in the area of college or university admissions, seems to have written guides on the matter and also a tutorial to mothers and fathers called, ‘Cutting the Cost of College’. You will find genuine and up-to-date information on him / her blog.

Higher education Financial Aid Analysts Blog

Jodi Okun websites about financial aid. She’s an authority with the FAFSA and recommends parents regarding all areas relating to financing faculty. As an added bonus, Jodi hosts a good weekly discussion on Tweets (#CollegeCash at 5PM PT).

College Prep Examiner Blog

Wendy David-Gaines (POCSMom) and truck sites at examiner. com pertaining to college prep and the current college info. Her help and advice is led towards families and you will obtain all topics on her web site: admissions, school loans, scholarships and also college announcement.

TeenLife Blog

Sponsored by means of TeenLife Mag, this blog features college news flash, parenting tips, information about summer months programs plus gap numerous years, along with loads of information about university or college prep.

Sensible College Pay a visit to Blog

This web site is jam-packed with all sorts of tips and advice for parents of the teens and learners involved in the college or university prep method. It offers scholarship grant tips and mother or tips in conjunction with advice for aspects of the very admissions practice.


In the past few months, I was talking to an job interviewer about school prep peer pressure inside the context showing how it pertains to the stress point. Parents must factor in expert pressure in regards to how your company’s student will probably react to it all, how it will probably affect his / her college pick, and how the tension surrounding it might affect his / her emotional health and wellbeing.

How do young people react to fellow pressure about college?

Individuals react to fellow pressure in various ways. There exists positive fellow pressure— what type that causes your personal student in order to excel for you to compete with several other students. There is certainly negative peer pressure— what type that causes your individual student to build poor alternatives based on other people’s choices or maybe example.

Sow how does peer demand affect your current student’s university or college choice?

Expert pressure may have a strong impact on where your company student desires to apply to institution. It can make the dog feel like the person needs to connect with an Flowers just because his fellow college students are implementing. It can induce him so that you can want to connect with a college web site friend or maybe boyfriend is usually applying. Peer pressure can get a outstanding effect on your company student’s institution choices understand what guide your man to be self-serving and advisable when making those people choices. And not just are the learners pressured by means of their mates, but fathers and mothers feel difficulty as well posted by parents who brag about their students institution choices. In addition , parents usually apply pressure toward a unique college within the selection process. This puts included stress on the student and can also often cause the student to decide a college that he is not thinking about just to satisfy his moms and dads.

How will the strain surrounding fellow pressure have an affect on your past or present student’s emotional health and wellbeing?

Every mother or father knows the affect expert pressure can get on your pupil. Students truly feel less thriving than some who are signing up to prestigious schools. Students might feel depressed about their own faculty choices when they stack these folks up against some other students. Often the battle intensifies once college or university decisions start out rolling with and other scholars start dealing with where are going to attending.

The bottom line: Know the college cooking peer tension and do your foremost to negate it. Stimulate your individual to be an individual and observe his own path.

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