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Getting to ASO itself, which is basically app optimization for improving its’ ranking in App Store search results, the surprising thing is going on. You may have created a great icon, but as Ogilvy said, “If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative”. Test everything and be updated with Google Play Store news and changes to never miss any trend. A lot has been written about App Store Optimization, but not all the content on the topic is good. Some people call it “App Store SEO”, because of its similarity with web Search Engine Optimization. But here is one thing – before people use apps for diverse purposes, they tend to search for these.

Is search term in Keyword Planner useful for selecting keywords for app stores? Google’s keyword planner does tell us about the monthly searches and competition for a certain keyword, however, the data provided by it is unique to the keyword’s performance over the search engines and not on app stores. Let me just outline, that currently there are over 2 million apps in Google Play Store. No, App Store Optimization is something that needs to be done on an ongoing basis. While nobody really knows the exact algorithm of Google ranking, there are a few well-tried tricks that work to lift your app up in Play Store. App Store Optimization: What is it? We aren’t writing again about this, but basically, ASO is the process of optimizing a mobile app in order to get the maximum visibility and the highest conversion rate to install in the app stores. It doesn’t matter if you have already published your app, or if you are just preparing to launch it, you will need to implement the Google Play Store optimization.

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